Monday, September 1, 2014

The Knit in Between

Often between designing and writing I need a small vacation knit. That's where socks are so handy.

This is a skein of souvenir yarn from our vacation at the Outer Banks of NC. This is from the store Knitting Addiction. It's Sea Star Handpaints in the color Blue Crab on size 2 US needles. I use dpns but using two circulars makes it easier to carry the project everywhere.

These socks won't get finished too soon because another design has found it's way onto the needles and calls me. I also hope to get back to the shore soon to take pictures of my finished Evening Tide scarf and release the pattern to you before the end of the month.

September is here and there is always so much to do! Happy knitting!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bangles Gloves

August is turning out to be an exciting month for me. First the children's ebook, and now another knit pattern is released! I call it Bangles because the lace and garter pattern reminds me of bracelets. When I was designing I thought, if I have bracelets, then why not have rings?

Which finger(s) should the rings go on? I have my preferences, but why not let the knitter choose?!
So the pattern gives you options.

The gloves are knit in Knit Picks Capretta in two colors but I see no problem in using more than one contrasting color. What jewelry colors do you wear?

The fabric is a yummy cashmere blend, so it's soft and it drapes and scrunches and is so hard to photograph! (Or maybe it's just that modeling is hard. But I tried my best.)

The gloves were pulled over sleeves to straighten them out. For another shoot I thought bare arms would show the texture when it naturally scrunches

 That's more of the effect that I'm looking for! But the red blouse, really? I think I need a stylist.

You can find the pattern in my Ravelry design store and make it your own!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Minnie's Green Book is out today!

At long last my first children's book with MeeGenius has appeared today!

The illustrations are adorable and the audio component (the book is read to you, yes!) is grand. My favorite page to listen to is page 13:
“Oooooh,” said the dragon.

This was such a gift to me and my youngest daughter on her birthday today! Happy birthday darling!

You can find the story here.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Designing on the go

I really enjoy pieces that I can take everywhere with me and knit on them in spare waiting minutes. I thought I would lift the veil of designing secrecy* and give you a peek at my latest wip in all its unblocked glory.

I snapped this picture at the NC Museum of Art while waiting for my daughter to finish art camp. This piece will be a long thin scarf worked in that lovely Hawthorne yarn that I showed you in a prior post. I'm pleased that my design is working as planned.

Now I'll show you my method for knitting on the go:
Putting a stitch marker at each repeat and distinct section and having a counter floating on the needle really helps me stay on track as I pick up and put down and pick up and put down and pick up to knit the work. I am having fun with this sample knit. I hope to have the pattern out in September.

*Designing secrecy is necessary when you are considering whether to submit for third party publication (like a magazine) or to self publish. Contracts often specify that you cannot show any photos prior to publication. Blogging and blabbing is one of the perks of self publishing! :-)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pushing it

This is a picture of what's left of my lovely swatch after I knit my latest design.

This is beautiful Capretta yarn so I swatched from one end of the skein but didn't cut it. When I finally discovered what I liked I started the sample project knit from the other end. So you see how the project ate almost all of the swatch!

But I wonder if I've pushed the single skein too far in my design? Do I need to specify more margin? Do you like more leftovers?

What is the design, you ask? I'm talking about another whimsical glove design that has some lace and striping color work but should be less intense to knit than my previous design. Well both pairs are very different but still pretty epic. :-)

I can't wait to show you! Just need to tidy the patterning details and take more beautiful photos.

Here's a blurry picture of my sample finishing leftovers. Yes, chocolate gets me through the weaving-in process! What gets you through?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Num num, new yarn!

I came home from vacation to find this lovely on my doorstep:

Must mean a new design is on the way! (Thanks to Knit Picks for their generous yarn support.)

The color is called "Eastbank." It is very intriguing. It goes well with my desk lamp.

I needed a fingering yarn with a tight twist and some bounce. I think this will do just fine, yes indeed.
I'm off to find my size 4 needles.

Stay cool, keep knitting!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

At least I have two

All I've got for you today is two unadorned Ruby Slipper socks:

They are not perfect. There were a number of advanced techniques for me to practice but I think they turned out cute, especially with the sparkly yarn. I can't tell you when I will get to the duplicate stitch embellishments. I just like to knit but I know one day this summer I'll sit down and try it. At least her feet will be covered this fall!

It's been over 97 F this past week and I've been working up two new designs. (I know, that's a lot for me.)

I've also been unreasonably excited about my soon-to-be-released ebook on MeeGenius. My editor has been emailing me about it but with each email I can add two weeks to the release date. LOL. They've been doing all sorts of exciting things with Sesame Street. I'm happy to be part of the line up.

Have a happy summer! Break out the sparkling yarn and knit up some magic.